Raising Awareness

we're focused on raising awareness and improving the wellbeing of those involved in education


We like to talk. More importantly, we want to get you talking too.

Talking At School

Assemblies offer many opportunities to encourage an open environment for staff and students to talk about mental health. Some popular topics for school assemblies in relation to mental health and wellbeing can include, bullying, coping with stress and mindfulness.

Emotions & Triggers

Understanding your emotions and knowing your triggers can be incredibly powerful in improving yourself or your students understanding of positive wellbeing and how it can be maintained and managed.

Supporting Schools

Whilst staff training, new resources and guest speakers are hugely effective at raising awareness and accurately informing individuals of good mental health and wellbeing, schools with limited funding simply can’t afford to utilise them as regularly as they would like to.



Ultimately, we believe that helping young people to express how they are feeling and be able to talk, reduces emotional distress. Get in touch today to find out more or request a schools talk.



Suitable for anyone who works with children and/or their families to help them understand more about what their child protection responsibilities are, including how to recognise signs of abuse, how to report concerns and how to continually promote the wellbeing of all children.


Educational Materials

If you work with young people and are looking for resources about emotional health, coping strategies, developing communication skills, resilience and help-seeking behaviour. Get in touch today to find out more.


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